About Move America. We are a mother and son team with a common vision for the future American home. We think new technologies and values are changing the way we live; this is the time for a new American Dream.

Marilyn Borglum, cofounder. It was Marilyn’s sensitivity to the coming transformation that gave first form to Move America in the summer of 2020. As Marilyn has worked from home for the bulk of her career as a visual artist, her own trials as a homeowner have fueled her passion for building homes in a better way. Dedicated to a better experience for American families, Marilyn leads Move America in our commitment to high-quality construction, homeowner education, and environmental health.

Marilyn has worked as a professional artist for over twenty-eight years. From a family of celebrated artists, she is the great-great niece of sculptors Gutzon and Solon Borglum—the former most famously commissioned for the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Primarily a portrait artist, her paintings have been published widely and are sold in commercial galleries across the United States. Marilyn received her Master of Fine Arts in painting from Colorado State University in 1993.

Blake Hageman, cofounder. Blake is the lead designer for Move America, using his technical expertise to act simultaneously as architectural designer, software engineer, and web editor. The work of Move America occupies the center of his varied interests, as housing embodies fundamental questions about technology, culture, and environment. As a student, Blake developed his critical stance on housing across several of his academic projects.

Blake has worked on architectural projects for a number Chicago-based organizations, including an 18-month internship at global architecture and planning firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. He recently graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2020 with Summa Cum Laude Honors, earning his Bachelor of Architecture degree with minors in structural engineering, policy and ethics, and computer science.

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