It's time to move. We've been relying on our homes to do things they've never done before, spending more time in them than ever. With remote working and learning, housing priorities are starting to change.

Move America designs contemporary, modular homes with a new vision for the American Dream. We also make a web app for anyone looking to move somewhere new, and write extensively about what motivates us.

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Your home, anywhere. We've designed a modular home for any location in the United States. If you want us to build you one, here's how it works:

Step 1: Location

Maybe you have a destination in mind. Maybe you don't. Either way, we can help you find the perfect piece of land for your new home—we even built an app for it.

Step 2: Financing

Getting financing for new construction looks a little different from a typical mortgage. We work with you and your bank to make sure everything lines up perfectly.

Step 3: Construction

Our homes are built in an indoor manufacturing facility, which means no weather delays, water damage, or shoddy construction. The homes are transported and installed on site, where we hook it all up, add the finishing touches, and hand you the keys.

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Not sure where to go? It's a big country, and we're pretty sure you haven't seen all of it. We built an interactive web map for what you might want to know before moving somewhere new, including property values, utility access, and environmental risks. Explore the data.

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Our custom web app for exploring US housing data. Look up your address; we know you want to. ➔

Critical discourse. The role of housing in a global pandemic, new horizons for the American Dream, better ways to design and build; want to know how we think? Read what we have to say.

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From a family of artists and engineers. We are a mother and son team with a common vision for the future American home. Want to know what we are all about? Meet the team.

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